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The curriculum for our pre-K class focuses on elementary school preparedness. In this age group, children have acquired or will acquire comprehension basics; phonological awareness; verbal expression; basic strategies for reading; exploration of writing skills; and an understanding of the uses of numbers, patterning and sorting. Language, literacy, mathematics, art, creativity, and social and emotional wholeness are covered throughout this comprehensive year. An orientation to discuss the pre-K curriculum goals for the fifth or sixth year of learning is facilitated by the Pre-K lead teacher(s) before the start of the year.

  • This classroom accepts children who will be age 5 by September 1st and who are eligible for admission into a Georgia kindergarten program the following school year.
  • The class ratio is 8:1.
  • The pre-K runs on a structured schedule with a monthly theme. Emphasis is placed on academic learning and kindergarten readiness skills.
  • Children in this class receive music instruction in the music classroom throughout the year.
  • Spanish instruction is provided two times per week throughout the year.
  • Science instruction is provided once a week throughout the year.

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