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Oh, Snap! We are excited to announce that the Haygood Auction is set for Saturday, February 9th, 2019, 7 – 11 pm at Mason Fine Arts. Mark your calendars and book your babysitters because we are bringing the 90’s back. Come as you were, and get ready to party like It’s 1999 (or 1991)!

This single fundraiser will not only help offset our operating costs but will also go to cover items such as:

  • Adding Shade Structures/Canopies for playground(s)
  • Adding new flooring throughout WCM for both aesthetics and sanitary improvements
  • Purchasing Raised Garden Beds for curriculum expansion
  • Sending remaining untrained Pre-K and K teachers to Orton-Gillingham Training ($1200/teacher)

Thank you for considering family sponsorship! We sincerely appreciate your support. Sponsorship levels are tiered, and benefits vary based on the level. You can find more information in the forms available for download below.

Here is a snapshot of the sponsorship levels:

  • All That and a Bag of Chips – $1500+
  • Off the Hook – $1000
  • Oh Snap! – $800
  • Alrighty Then! – $550
  • Da Bomb! – $300
  • How You Doin’? – $150

Business Sponsorship

All That and A Bag of Chips

Hyde Prosthetics and Orthotics


Level Team Contracting LLC


Off The Hook!

Ansley Alexander, Dorsey Alston


Cartel Properties Inc.


Oh Snap!

Briarcliff Animal Clinic


LUXE Linear Drains


Ansley Eye Care


Alrighty Then!

Phoenix Senior Living




Da Bomb!

Buckhead Pediatric Dentistry


Laughing Skull Lounge


Ameriprise Financial – Neal Rhoney


Amy French, Ansley Atlanta


Leena Lu


Tree & Back


How You Doin’?

Boortz Law


Whiskey Bird


As if we would forget to thank our generous sponsors?

Thank you to our family and staff sponsors:

All That and A Bag of Chips

Gregory Family

Townley Family

Werner Family

Off The Hook

Hobbs Family

Hollon Family

James Family

Porter Family

Sica Family

Oh Snap!

Ford Family

Halkos Family

Moraes-Gardner Family

Robinson Family

Alrighty Then!

Barnett Family

Buntin Family

Cain Family

Carroll Family

Coffas Family

Cook Family

Cooper Family

Gooch Family

Gordon Family

Greene Family

Hatch Family

Harvey Family

Limehouse Family

Lomax Family

Simpson Family (Brad and Alexis Simpson)

Schopfer Family

Street Family

Tracy Family

Viamonte Family

Waller Family

Woodward Family

Da Bomb!

Anderson Family

Bacon Family

Baddour Family

Baker Family

Benjamin-Brown Family

Bly Family

Burke Family

Canavan Family

Conlan Family

Detro Family

Epstein Family

Farmer Family

Franconi Family

Gibber Family

Gill Family

Goran Family

Gorman Family

Hebert Family

Holland Family

Harrison Kohler

Jennifer Hughes

Humsi Family

Maples Family

Mathews Family

Jeff and Cathie McClellan

Moore Family

Parker Family

Parvarandeh Family

Pineda Family

Prange Family

Pratt Family

Preister-Sprague Family

Reid Family

Roof Family

Stine Family

Thomas Family

Tracy Family

Geraldine and Roosevelt Turner

Weinstein Family

Wells Family

Zant Family

How You Doin’?

Bateman Family

Caughron Family

Fuchs Family

Hollister Family

Hope Family

Michel Hudson

Melvin Family

Park Family

Rangaraj Family

Morgen Smith

Simpson Family (Tim and Amanda)

Van Kelys Family

Pamela Walters

Turner Family

Wolfe Family

Zarnitsyn Family

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